The Almost-Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial


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The 2017 36th Almost-Annual
Matt Armbruster Memorial

Ride on man!
Oh Captain, my Captain!
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When:    Saturday August 5, 2017 !

Where:    5:00 pm, Saturday Night, at Rueben's Burger Bistro, conveniently located at Broadway & Walnut, Boulder, Colorado.  Directions. Here's the whole itinerary.

What:    Join us for a full throttle night of plastic & power slides, while cruising on our Big Wheels!

Who:    Everyone's invited to my little soiree!  But you'll need to Register to get all the cool stuff along the route.

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And checkout all the donated prizes that we're going to give away! Over $1000 worth of items!

If you need to get hold of me,

    give a yell at 1-888-252-6379 voice & fax, toll-free!
    or drop me a line at

Purple People Eater

How:    Need to get a Big Wheel for the Rally?  Here's some resources:

But they are plastic, so another $10-15 of parts from the hardware store will get (and keep) you rolling.  We're pretty hard on our machines, so please, PLEASE modify them to hold up.  Find out how.

We will have a Construction and Tune Up Party before the Rally on Saturday, TBD at the BWR Headquarters.  We've got all the tools and cheap spare parts.  We even have a few complete Big Wheels ready to go!

Why:    Come on.    Have you ever careened half blind, screaming down cobblestone streets, deafened by the thunderous roar of plastic on cement, with five pounds of flexing child's toy between your thighs?

There she goes...

Current Status   We're ON for July.  The weather is: Click for Boulder, Colorado Forecast

What's going on?

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Wacky Extras:

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Marx toy company's history.
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