The Almost-Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial


Big Wheel Rally Videos!

Live action in living, breathing, color right from the comfort of your own living room!

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566k The 1999 Big Wheel Rally

1mb Downhill gravity racing on Lookout Mountain with Extreme Big Wheels! (visit their site!)

913k The Final Heat of the 2004 Vail Big Wheel Classic Drag Races! (now defunct due to freaked out insurance underwriters)

  Interview with Ken Hoeve after the Vail Big Wheel Classic Drag Races!

  Partizan Productions' Olympics commercial for TIAA Cref featuring Captain Obvious' 1976 Big Wheel!

The 2005 BIG WHEEL RALLY! 16 Big Wheels racing down the 6 story parking garage ramps at 3:00 am!

The Dirt Magazine interview with Extreme Big Wheels and the 2005 Big Wheel Rally!   Racing on Lookout Mountain, and crawling on Pearl St Mall!

YouTube The 2006 Big Wheel Rally as documented by Ryan Van Duzer!   This is one sweet account of the Big Wheel Rally!
    (be sure to check out all the accompanying photos!)

The Almost Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial Big Wheel Rally, BWR, Captain Obvious, "Obvious" Emblem, & all content 1991- Matt Armbruster.
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