From the Crack Engineering Team at,
The All New,
Adult Size...

So, you had one as a kid. Or maybe you didn't, but the neighbor kid did. And he let you ride it once. And that was all it took.

Well my friend, after all those decades of waiting, your desires are fulfilled...

Huffy Green Machine XLT

Sidewinder. Right out of the box, this rig is almost adult size and race ready! The Big Wheel Rally Engineering Team takes you all the way there by extending the seat adjustment and tightening up the steering linkage. It's not easy being green, and that's just the way we like it. Only Huffy could bring back a machine that will define a whole new generation of cool. Check out the dual joysticks for responsive rear wheel steering. The sleek low profile design keeps the fun on the edge, and super wide, slick rear tires for thunderous spin-outs. And of course, the waaaay adjustable seat!

Here's what you get:

  • Huffy Green Machine
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • 20" Pneumatic Front Tire
  • Front Freewheel
  • Front Brake
  • Adjustable Bucket Seat
  • Modified Frame Stops for Maximum Seat Adjustment
  • Blow Molded Plastic Rear Wheels
  • Rear Pivot Steering
  • Steering Stabilizer Linkage Modifications
  • Any color you want as long as it's Green.

Age: Unlimited
Weight: 200 lb max