Big Wheel Rally In The News!!!

Boulder, CO - Captain Obvious and the Matt Armbruster Memorial Big Wheel Rally have enjoyed quite a bit of recent media exposure.  In the early years, we didn't announce it much other than word of mouth, mainly out of fear of getting shut down.  But now we're an institution, the Captain's getting more ballsy and we're going for the Total Media Domination.

The power of the media was thrust upon me during a chance meeting of and , crack journalists at the Boulder Daily Camera.  We had just closed all the bars in Boulder and were set about the rigorous business of jumping down a flight of steps at the Walnut street parking garage.  They had just finished closing the bars in Boulder themselves, and it was obvious we were destined to meet.  After stumbling into the plastic frenzy, they immediately recognized the gravity of the situation an set about interviewing anyone who was still coherent.  Against all deadline improbabilities, the ink hit the paper the very next day! You can view this first landmark interview here.

Since then, Dick Kreck and Jim Husted at the Denver Post have followed the siren's call with write ups of their own in their famous Page Two columns of local Denver goings ons. See them here , here, and here. The Captain is honored.

No other article has wasted as much time, effort, diligence, and ubiquitous language as the truly phenomenal story written for the Colorado Daily by Boulder's own . In the Sports section no less!  You've got to read this one!

Also get ready for sneak attack appearances on Radio 1190 with Alicia in the morning, Wimmer & Schaffer on the War Room sports show Mondays at 7pm, and Loki on Route 76 West Americana show Sundays at 4pm.  1190 AM,

Take a look at what we've been up to in print:

2005 Dirt Magazine: Low Riding Maniacs take over the hills of Colorado and the streets of Boulder!

2005 Boulder Daily Camera: Dave Burdick tells you all about the daredevils helping out kids!

2005 Colorado Daily: "Plastic Thunder" by David Lettis lets the good times roll!

2004 SYNC Magazine:  Holy Crap!  SYNC flies the Captain and his Big Wheel to Miami to let oiled up, bikini clad models ride it on South Beach!

2004 Fast Company Magazine: Martin Kihn and his team find out what it really means to Reinvent the Wheel!

2004 Daily Camera: Amy Herbert gets caught up in the frenzy on race night. From shots at the West End to ink on the pages in 3 hours!

2004 Colorado Daily: Casey Freeman gives you the low down on Big Wheels.

2004 Denver Post: Bill Husted announces the Salvation of Boulder!

2003 Denver Post: Dick Kreck drops props for the Big Wheel Rally!

2003 Colorado Daily: The Daily tells you how not to miss the biggest event of the weekend!

2003 Daily Camera: Spacin' at the Basin! The Captain debuts the prototype of the Big Wheel Snowboard!

2002 Fortune Magzine Online: Eric Dash stumbles across our Captain in full regalia racing the Razor Scream Machine in New York City!

2001 Colorado Daily: Brad Weismann fires up the presses to interview the Captain.

2001 Denver Post: Dick Kreck has the guts to print a picture!

1995 Boulder Daily Camera: Jim Sheeler steps up again - and compares the Captain to Mel Gibson!

1993 Boulder Daily Camera: The first incindendary article!