Monday, June 18, 2001


Chariots of plastic
Big wheel rally takes to downtown sidewalks once again

By BRAD WEISMANN/For the Colorado Daily
Twice a year, on spring and fall evenings, the phantom riders take to the streets. Their approach is signaled by a low rumble in the distance, the guttering rattle of hollow plastic on pavement. Next may be heard a snatch of siren, the clang of bells, yelps of excitement. Then a flying wedge of low-slung children's chariots crowding the sidewalk suddenly bursts around the corner - strange vehicles from out of the past, pedaled by costumed thrill-seeking freebooters.
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Chariots of plasticFrom left, Capt. Obvious, with his sidekicks, Carlos, Todd and Loki, at a past Big Wheel Rally on the Pearl Street Mall. This year's race takes place Saturday night at 9 outside the West End Tavern. [Photo courtesy Matt Armbruster]