The Almost-Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial



Please, please, PLEASE modify your Big Wheel.  Why?   Most of our mechanical failures happen at the West End Tavern's steps.  i.e. 2 minutes into the ride.  If your Big Wheel fails there, you will have a miserable night carrying around your useless hulk.

As a general rule of thumb, your Big Wheel will not fit. For the average adult (and I use that term loosely), the standard Big Wheel will be almost entirely unridable. The obvious solution would be to forget the whole ludicrous idea and stay home. We are not here for obvious solutions: modify the hell out of it.    [Start Here]

Most of our structural failures occur within the first 5 minutes of the official start of the ride when we ride down the 4 steps of the West End Tavern. At a minimum your Big Wheel (structure and add-ons) must be able to survive this.
One year after the West End Tavern experience, only 2 of 12 Big Wheels were still functional. Very disappointing.

A little forethought and a few extra bucks for the Basic Survival Mods will get you a long way down the road. (All but 1 survived last year!)

The typical failure goes something like this:

1)  Put 180 pound guy on plastic child's toy with mild steel axle. 
2)  Watch wheels fold up around hips.

Follow the modification tips to get through the night.

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