The Almost-Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial


Big Wheel Primer Comparison Chart:

Once you know what you've got, go to the Modification Instruction Page to start construction.

Highly Recommended for the Big Wheel Rally
Recommended, but increasingly difficult to find.
Damn Cool, and loaded for bear. Nothing slows these down.


Old Skool:

    New Generation:    
MFG: THE ORIGINAL Processed Plastics GF Plastics / Wal-mart Empire Playskool (a.k.a. Coleco, Hasbro) Marx Razor Royce Union Yerf-Dog
Model: BIG WHEEL Mighty Wheels GF Xtreme Cycle Big Wheel / Hot Cycle Power Cycle Big Wheel Scream Machine Spin Out Big Wheel
Years: 2003 - Present 1997 - Present 2002 ONLY? 1975-2001 ?? - 1997 1968-1985 2002 - Present 2002 - Present 2002-Present


Hot Damn. It's Back. Just like you remember, and better than than ever!

IN PRODUCTION Empire Knockoff - So far, only produced 1 year as a product demo for Wal-mart. Out of Production

Filed chapter 11 in Dec-01.   Molds sold off.

Out of Production

For unknown reasons, ceased production after redesign in 1997.

Out of Production

Ceased production in 1985.   Apparently, name sold to Empire, design to Playskool.

No Mods, All Metal No Mods, All Metal No Mods, All Metal
Availability BWR STORE exclusively! Toys R Us
Wal-mart Thrift stores, garage sales, occasionally on Thrift stores, garage sales, occasionally on Almost NEVER seen. Thrift stores, garage sales, dumpsters... Store List Amazon Sam's Club
Picture: MightWheels-100.jpg (2246 bytes) Empire_Fire_Ball_Big_Wheel-100.jpg (2257 bytes) Empire_Fire_Ball_Big_Wheel-100.jpg (2257 bytes) playskool_power_cycle.jpg (4060 bytes) marx-72-100.jpg (2351 bytes) screammachine-100.jpg (2583 bytes) royce_union_spinout-100.jpg (2420 bytes) yerf-dog_bigwheel.jpg (29879 bytes)
Price: $52-60 $30-35 $18-22 $20-35 $18-35 in '97
$5-15 at Thrift
~$75 new in box
$15-20 in the day
$5-15 at Thrift
$50-125 ebay
$80-100 $80-100 $80-100
The Almost Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial Big Wheel Rally, BWR, Captain Obvious, "Obvious" Emblem, & all content 1991- Matt Armbruster.
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