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Big Wheel Tune Up Party
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Saturday, the week before the Rally!

Check out the photos here!

A lot of folks have been asking where to get a Big Wheel for the Rally, or how to modify their rigs to make it through the night. So I've decided to host a Big Wheel Tune Up Party the week before the Rally! I only have a very few mostly-complete Big Wheels, but I do have the Big Wheel Boneyard with tons of parts and accessories. This will be a great way to meet your compatriots and get a race-ready ride for the Rally!

I know that not everyone is as blessed as the Crack Engineers at Big Wheel Rally Headquarters are when it comes to tools and work space.   But I do know that you are equally blessed when it comes to creativity and passion.  Bring it on!


When:  Sunday, July 6th, 2008, 10:00 - 3:00

Where:  Boulder BurnWorks
                4747 E Pearl Street Suite N-1
                Boulder, CO 80301-2766

What You Bring:

  • Your Big Wheel or Big Ideas
  • Be sure to check out the Modifications page and get your supplies for the Basic Survival and Advanced Mods.
  • Accessories & add-ons that you haven't quite glued/stapled/bolted on yet
  • Some lunch
  • Tools that you may have
  • A few bucks for parts

What we bring:

  • Good friends together
  • Tools (drills, saws, etc, and God forbid, a welder)
  • Workspace
  • Beer
  • Cheap Parts (about $5 to $10 for most any part)
    - Tires, wheels, frames, handlebars, forks, seats, axles, etc.
  • Rockin' tunes from Radio 1190

FOR SALE: Due to a pretty high loss rate (100%) I will no longer be able to loan Big Wheels out.   However, I do have several models that are for sale.  First In, Best Dressed: that means don't plan on showing up and getting one, they'll probably all be gone.   Call ahead, I'll hook you up.  Check here for the Big Wheels For Sale...

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